What is a Peak or a mountain?

At Pak Peaks the word “peaks” and “mountains” are used interchangeably. There are hardly any mentions of more technical words like hills, mounts, mounds, foothills, cliffs, ridges, knolls, massifs, rocks or crags until and unless exclusively specified.

What is the definition of a Peak?

An encyclopedic definition of peak as “a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, formed through tectonic forces or volcanism mainly underneath the earth” might serve good for geologists or science students; however for mountain enthusiasts the answer is full of ambiguities. Apart from larger scientific community, every major region or country defines mountains or peaks as per their own local needs and requirement. Hence for United States of America an elevated land mass higher than 2000 m is a “mountain” while British draw the line between “mountains” and “hills” somewhere at 1500m.

At Pak Peaks we define a peak as “Any elevated mass of land with altitude equal to or greater than 1604m above sea level is a peak/mountain”

What are Pak Peaks?

Pak Peaks are defined as

Any elevated mass of land with altitude equal to or less than 8611m (K2) and equal to or greater than 1604m (Tila Chourani) above sea level , lying within the geographical boundaries of Pakistan, or is claimed to be within boundaries of Pakistan (like Siachin Area) until the resolution of dispute according to international laws are called “ Pak Peaks

K2 (8611m) being highest peak in Pakistan sets the logical upper limit for Pak Peaks while Tila Chourani (1604m) located in the heart of Margalla Hills, adjacent to Islamabad was chosen as lower limit for Pak Peaks due to  subjective reasons like ease, clarity and most importantly proximity to Pakistan’s capital city.

What is the Vision of Pak Peaks?

Peace, Progress, Passion, Peaks and Pakistan.

What is the Mission Statement of Pak Peaks?

“To project peaceful and progress image of Pakistan by promoting its splendid peaks”

What is the aim of Pak Peaks?

To provide Pak Peaks enthusiasts with reliable and actionable information, a platform for interacting and collaborating mountaineering activities and promoting all aspects of Pakistani mountain lifestyle including art, culture, food, festivals and tourism.