Just one month past 2019 and possibly the greatest adventure of the year is already unfolding at the world’s second highest mountain PakPeak K2 in Northern Pakistan.

Although it may not be as historical as stepping on the moon nevertheless first ascent of K2 in winters will be a giant leap for ambitious humans. Till to date of all the 14 mountains that rise at least 8,000 meters (26,246 feet), K2 is the only peak unclimbed during winter.

In the words of Alex Trikon, the team leader of Spanish / Polish dominated “Western Team” currently on K2, in an interview with Nat Geo said “I can’t say it’s the last challenge for the 8,000ers,but it is one of the last great challenges”.

With two geo politically different teams on K2 i.e. Russian dominated “Eastern” and European dominated “Western” team, all eyes are set on K2 from experienced climbers to couch potatoes having remotest interest in climbing.

Here is the journey of Eastren Team (Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kirghizstan) so far:-

  • Vassily Pivtsov, from Kazakhstan is the lead mountaineer and have summited all 14 8,000ers without oxygen. 
  • The Eastern team arrived in base camp on January 15 and included some of the strongest high-altitude climbers.
  • Group initially struggled to find a corporate sponsor, and raised money through selling T-shirts via their Instagram account
  • On 2 January 2019, they landed at Islamabad Airport.
  • On 4 January they moved from Islamabad.
  • On 5 January, team reached Skardu.
  • On 7 January move from Skardu for Askole.
  • On 8 tJanuary moved out from Askole.
  • On 13 th January  team reached Concordia (Throne of Mountains)
  • On 14 th January 2019 moved for K2 Base Camp.
Courtesy: National Geographic

Since 15th January 2019 team was at Base Camp and made multiple attempts for dumping and acclimatization.

  • On January 27 team reached 6274m.
  • On January 30 team reached 6613m
  • On Sun Feb 10 2019 at 1430: the team was at 7120m.

Their progress can be tracked here.