Nanga Parbat from Babusar Top

World’s largest mountain range extends into Pakistan and contains numerous high altitude mountains.The Western Himalayan Range is situated in Kashmir valley and Northern Pakistan, to the south and east of Indus River, and is dominated by Nanga Parbat massif with highest peak rising 8125 metres above the sea level, Pakistan’s 2nd and world’s 9th highest peak. Nanga Parbat peak is also famous for its unique Rupal Face which rises 4,600 meters straight above its base and the mountain is considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous to climb, nick named as Killer Mountain.Few of the other Himalyan mountains of Pakistan are

No. Pak Peaks Height (m) Location
1 Nanga Parbat 8,126 Gilgit-Baltistan
2 Silberzachen 7,597 Nanga Parbat  Region
3 Rakhiot Peak 7,070 Nanga Parbat Region
4 Chongra Peak 6,830 Nanga Parbat  Region
5 Ganalo Peak 6,606 Nanga Parbat  Region
6 Laila Peak 5,971 Rupal Valley
7 Shaigiri 5,688 Rupal Valley
8 Buldar Peak 5,602 Nanga Parbat  Region
9 Malika Parbat 5,290 Kaghan Valley
10 Jalipur Peak North 5,215 Nanga Parbat
11 Ditchil 5,084 Deosai
12 Chattewala 4,917
13 Jabardar 4,511 Fairy Meadows, Jalipur
14 Dinewar 4,100
15 Tingrel 4,085
16 Chhugam 4,064 Nanga Parbat
17 Makra Peak 3,586 Kaghan Valley


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