The world’s Highest  Mount Everest has been climbed so far by only four climbers from Pakistan out of as many as about 5000 climbers. On the contrary ,on much more challenging K2 , as of 2014 ,  16 Pakistanis have reached the summit.
Here are the Pakistani  heroes of K2.

Ashraf Aman
7 August 1977
Japan-Pakistan Joint Expedition
Nazir Sabir
7 August 1981
Japan-Pakistan Joint Expedition
Rajab Shah
7 July 1995
International Expedition
Mehrban Shah
Asad Khan
27 July 2004
Swiss-Italian Expedition
Nisar Hussain
27 July 2004
Chinese Expedition
Mohammad Hussain
Shaheen Baig
28 July 2004
International Expedition
Mohammad Ali
Mehrban Karim (Late)
1 August 2008
International Expedition
Ali Durrani
26 July 2014
K2 2014 Pakistan Expedition
Ali Rozi
Hasan Jan
Mohammad Sadiq
Ghulam Mehdi
Rehmatullah Baig