Being a mountain and that too in the neighborhood of someone like K2 can be quite frustrating. Although all the spot light is stolen by the mighty K2 yet there are few impressive neighbors that lie in the close vicinity of K2 and thus add magnanimity to the place itself.



Neighbors of K2 (From top Left  clock wise) – Skilbrum (7360m), Angel Peak (6858m), Marble Peak(6414m), Broad Peak (8254m)

There are almost as much as twenty even Category B (7000-7999m) and Category C (6000-6999m) PakPeaks near K2 including PakPeak Angel Sar, PakPeak Skyang Kangris, PakPeaks Summa Ri, PakPeak Skilbrum  and PakPeaks Praqpa Kangris. Few of them alongwith their distance from K2  are shown.


Neighboring Peak

Altitude (m)

Distance from K2


Angel Peak 6858 4.1
Skyang Kangri  I 7545 6.7
Skyang Kangri West 7335 6
Summa Ri  I 7286 6.3
Summa Ri II 7133 7
Summa Ri III 7060 5.9

Summa Ri IV



Skilbrum 7360 8.3
Praqpa Kangri 7134 9.2
Praqpa Kangri South 7089 9.3
Praqpa Kangri North 7096 9.5
Marble Peak 6414 12
Broad Peak 8254 9.1